How to Deal With Measles Outbreak in New York

Important Information about the Measles Outbreak for New York Residents & Visitors News of a growing measles outbreak in New York is causing concern among state health authorities as well as area residents. The state commissioner of health, Dr. Howard Zucker, called it the “largest measles outbreak that New York state has had [...]

Cleaning Gloves – How to protect hands while doing cleaning

Professional Cleaning Service Glove Recommendations Household Cleaning Glove Recommendations The story of Gabrielle -- a professional cleaning service provider  This is a story featuring a member of the NorthStarlight community - Gabrielle, a professional cleaning service provider who has been delivering excellence to her clients for nearly five years. Gabrielle's clients call [...]

Safety Tips for Outdoor Parties

Summer is here! Getting together with family and friends is the best way to celebrate, especially around a delicious BBQ feast. Be sure to make your party as safe as it is fun. We are delighted to share these safety tips with you. Hand Germs While you are enjoying the party vibe, [...]


Share Your Star Dad and Win Him a Special Gift on Father's Day from NorthStarlight! Hardworking Dad always = tough? Father’s Day gift always = tool box? This Year Celebrate Another Side of Dad! Dad also does great work when he COOKS! Share great dads who cook, [...]

Healthy Hands, Healthy Foodservice

Food Handling Glove Guide for Restaurant & Deli Professionals Experienced food handlers in restaurants, delis, and markets offering ready-to-go items or made-to-order meals in addition to meats, fish, cheese and other food items prepped or sliced and wrapped for customer ease are accustomed to wearing disposable gloves for food safety. As a [...]

Safety Tips for Dog Groomers

Professional pet care can take many forms, from veterinary services and obedience training to pet-sitting and dog-walking. Among these, grooming is one service that pet owners seek out to keep their beloved companions both healthy and happy, and their expectations are high for professionalism and safety. For the groomer, there are many facets [...]