Food Service Gloves

We share your deep commitment to safety and cross-contamination control when it comes to preparing, serving, and storing food. The award-winning Tronex disposable food-safe gloves and protective apparel utilized by Fortune 500 brands in the foodservice and hospitality industries are now available direct to you. Rely on our comprehensive lines of advanced-quality products, including gloves, aprons, and foot and hair coverings, crafted using the latest material technology to deliver superior performance in protection, comfort, and strength.

Poly Gloves

Poly Gloves are crafted for comfortable wear and ease of use. They are strong at the seams to offer reliable wear and easy on-and-off, perfect for frequent changing and light food processing tasks such as sandwich prep and sushi-making. These gloves are highly economical.

Vinyl Gloves

Stepping up to handling foods with strong odors, possible irritants like those in jalapeno peppers, or heavier bacterial exposure such as in meats, food-safe vinyl gloves are an excellent option. They are ideal for busy restaurants because they are very comfortable, fitting the hand more loosely than nitrile or latex, as well as modestly priced.

Latex Gloves

If latex allergy is not a concern, gloves made from high-quality, natural rubber latex are an excellent option. They offer an incredibly comfortable “second skin” fit and feel, making them a top choice for high-end catering. Chefs appreciate the ability to feel food texture and handle cooking procedures comfortably. Plus, latex is highly durable and a more earth-friendly option as it is a biodegradable and renewable natural resource.

Nitrile Gloves

For heavy-duty food processing, gloves made with nitrile – a synthetic rubber material demonstrated to be even more durable and chemical resistant than latex – are a sensible choice. Nitrile gloves are wonderfully soft and comfortable while providing reliable protection against abrasions, oils, chemicals, and temperature extremes. They are perfect for working with raw meats, oily foods, or acidic fruit that might cause breakdown in other glove materials.