The 8650 series of “New Age” vinyl glove provides comfort, flexibility, durability and food safe coverage to the individual wearing them. Tronex powder free vinyl gloves are versatile and can be used for cleaning, catering or light food processing. The vibrant blue color makes our food safe vinyl gloves highly visible. In dining settings, customers can clearly see that the people handling their food are taking safety precautions. If our blue vinyl gloves are being used as household cleaning gloves, the blue color provides a sharp contrast to skin tones. This allows you to easily tell if there is a rogue cut or tear in the disposable glove after prolonged heavy use. Being able to identify glove damage can prevent you from coming into direct contact with irritants by putting on a new kitchen glove. Their ambidextrous fit and beaded cuffs allow our protective gloves to be easily changed (donning and doffing). Whether they are being changed after handling raw meat, or to prevent cross contamination, easy removal and donning is important for kitchen cooking gloves. They are hypoallergenic gloves as well, so guests with latex allergies will be able to eat the food that is prepared with them. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large, the 8650 vinyl series from Tronex is a go-to choice for food service and cleaning professionals worldwide.

  • Meet U.S. FDA CFR Title 21 Part 177 for Safe Contact with Food Surfaces.
  • Manufacturing certified ISO 9001 for Quality Management System.
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered facilities with medical-grade Technology.
  • Manufactured on production lines utilizing medical-grade technology.