Making Candles Safely: The Importance of Disposable PPE

Candle-making is a fun and rewarding hobby that has gained popularity in recent years. However, it's important to prioritize safety when working with hot wax and chemicals. In this blog post, we'll discuss the recommended disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) for making candles. Disposable Gloves First and foremost, it's essential to wear disposable [...]

How to Properly Remove Disposable Protective Gloves

Disposable gloves (nitrile, latex, vinyl/synthetic styles, etc.) are critical safety items used across a multitude of industries and applications, such as: general medical, law enforcement, home health and beauty care, food preparation, and cleaning/sanitation. As part of a comprehensive safety program, gloves play an important role in personal protection, infection control, and cross-contamination prevention. Diligent [...]

Lab Safety: PPE for Body, Face, and Hand Protection

The proliferation of STEM-related careers across a wide spectrum of fields means an abundance of work performed in laboratory settings. Professional roles within healthcare, scientific research, pharmacy, law enforcement, food safety, and environmental studies, to name a few, may involve working in a lab. PPE (personal protective equipment) is almost always necessary in lab work [...]

How to Wear and Remove N95 Masks Properly

Shop Now, $15.9/Box of 20 To ensure that the N95 mask is providing the intended levels of protection, each user should receive proper training and practice time on the Application, Seal Check, and Removal/Disposal Procedure. This tutorial is created by Tronex International. Inc,  the one of the most trusted and well-respected leading [...]

Safety Tips for Outdoor Parties

Summer is here! Getting together with family and friends is the best way to celebrate, especially around a delicious BBQ feast. Be sure to make your party as safe as it is fun. We are delighted to share these safety tips with you. Hand Germs While you are enjoying the party vibe, [...]

Safety Tips for Dog Groomers

Professional pet care can take many forms, from veterinary services and obedience training to pet-sitting and dog-walking. Among these, grooming is one service that pet owners seek out to keep their beloved companions both healthy and happy, and their expectations are high for professionalism and safety. For the groomer, there are many facets [...]

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